Prague presented the future of urban innovation at Smart City Expo


Last week, the City of Prague, in cooperation with the CzechTrade agency and the municipal company Operátor ICT, a.s., participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The Prague stand, inspired by the industrial history of Prague, was conceived as a platform for the presentation of innovative smart city projects that have been developed in Prague._ "Economic diplomacy is an important part of the city's foreign relations, and our long-term goal is to support the development of the knowledge society and related fields of the future,"_ says Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague.

Prague presented the future of urban innovation at Smart City Expo

A total of 8 companies, selected by CzechTrade, presented their products in the fields of air quality analysis, urban hydroponic systems, smart technologies for quick repair of broken roads or intelligent lighting systems. Together with representatives of the companies, the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University, whose project S.A.W.E.R won the main prize at last year's Expo in Dubai, was also presented in Barcelona.

The municipal company Operátor ICT, a.s. gained the attention of visitors and other municipalities with the project of the Prague's data platform Golemio, which is unique in the context of the use of city data. It is a tool for the collection, storage and subsequent analysis of data from the city. A team of data analysts introduced and showed visitors to the Barcelona Congress the datasets that are integrated into the data platform, which currently has over 120 open datasets. "We went through every corner of the exhibition, talking to a number of city representatives to confirm that Golemio is the absolute leader in data processing. During the expo in Barcelona, you can learn all about the latest trends and developments in the use of smart technology in one place over three days, sitting at the same table, face to face, with representatives from Singapore, Canada and other far-flung regions that would be typically difficult to contact. That is why I am very glad that we, together with the City of Prague, managed to provide Prague with its own, great-looking pavillion, and most importantly, we had the opportunity to show the whole world that Prague has something to offer", added Petr Suška, member of the Board of Directors of Operátor ICT, a.s. and Director of Smart City, Director of Smart City, Innovation and Project Management.

Thanks to the established cooperation between the private and academic sectors, the Prague exhibition attracted a great deal of attention from visitors, including the Prime Minister of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, and the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau.

In terms of business support and economic diplomacy, this was a unique project, where the city was the main promoter of the event with the help of the CzechTrade agency. "The presentation of Czech technologies for sustainable development of cities and municipalities could not be missing at the Smart City Expo World Congress. Our exporters are implementing very interesting projects in this area. We have already proven this at the World EXPO in Dubai or by presenting at the HUNGEXPO in Budapest with the City For The Future project, which the CzechTrade agency covers together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Thanks to our cooperation with the City of Prague, exporters had facilities within the Prague exposition and on the basis of the synergy with the Prague Technology Centre and the South Moravian Innovation Centre, exporters could also use a special on-line B2B matchmaking platform," said Jan Špunda, Specialist for Internationalization Support for Highly Innovative SMEs, CzechTrade.

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