Prague Ranking 12th World’s Best City


The City of Prague has ranked 12th in the World’s Best Cities Report of 2023. The city ranked exceptionally high in attractions and nightlife whilst offering much more.


The City of Prague is praised not only for its astonishing sights, galleries, and museums (placing 4th in the world in Museums Category) but also for the development undergone during the pandemic. The city flexibly modified public spaces to accommodate the current requirements in order to maintain a high standard of living for its citizens. The city, traditionally rich in sights and culture, is now becoming an enticing destination for international companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle, attracting plenty of expats and young talents.

In the World’s Best Cities Report, cities are ranked on business and education development, prosperity alongside with infrastructure, housing, culture and overall atmosphere of the area.

Full report to be found at the World's Best Cities Website.

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