Game Developers Session: Gaming Superconference


Prague hosted an unforgettable gaming extravaganza. From renowned game developers to innovative indie studios, they all gathered at the two-day conference, networking, sharing experiences and passions.

20231208_154636 or.jpg

The event took place in the Prague Congress Centre where beautiful sights were accompanied by roaring sound effects, game soundtracks presented by world-renowned experts in the field as Alexey Pajitnov (inventor of Tetris), Rhianna Pratchett (writer for Tomb Raider) and many others. For two days, attendees had a chance to speak to the great minds of the business, share ideas and inquire about their unique insights.

Apart from professionals, the conference also provided a space for starting game developers to network, mingle and share ideas. A designated room full of small gaming studios, IT students, and like-minded enthusiasts were the place to be!

The City of Prague has a long-term vision of promoting perspective businesses in the creative digital space, supporting starting businesses of game developers.

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