Knowledge is Power: Europe’s Most Talked About Cities 2023 Ranking


Prague ranked 35th in the ING Media ranking titled Europe’s Most Talked About Cities 2023, with a major focus on the city's community of international students, a large number of opportunities for education and research, and strong potential for being a frontrunner in the context of knowledge economy.

Knowledge is Power: Europe’s Most Talked About Cities 2023 Ranking

According to the 2023 ranking, Prague excels as a European city with one of the largest numbers of international students. In FDI terms, the city is ranked highly in Human Capital and Lifestyle categories owing to its excellent universities. Prague has increased its digital visibility by 21% since 2021. With over 30,000 businesses in the knowledge economy, a concerted effort to communicate that success would improve its future city prospects.

ING Media’s research into Europe’s most talked about cities, now in its fifth year, provides vital insight into the impact of digital messaging on regions and cities as brands, how this affects investment, where talent concentrates and their reputation as destinations. Digital visibility and soft power of the cities were at the centre of the research, drawing attention to the direct correlation between place branding efforts and the attraction of foreign direct investment into the city. As ING Media states: "A city’s prospects are not determined by one single element – but ... brand building and a positive communications campaign elevate visibility. This visibility can work to activate a city’s soft power. An elevated soft power profile can improve FDI, as investors seek to increasingly deploy capital into cultural assets to improve their own soft power and ESG compliance. Future city prospects are dependent on a variety of social and economic indicators, yet scoring highly in digital visibility and soft power, is shown to influence investor intent in the future."

In light of the recent unprecedented events, particularly the pandemic and recent Russian aggression towards Ukraine, the importance of the role of the cities in the international sphere has been growing. Building on and amplifying soft power presents an alternative way to establish and maintain the influence of the cities on a global level.

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