From Kyoto to Kyiv: Prague Mayor demonstrates the benefits of working with partner cities


Prague's Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda has been actively engaging in meetings with representatives from other cities around the world, highlighting the importance of international relationships and multilateral collaborations between cities. Recently, he attended two significant meetings that underscored the value of such relationships - with the First Deputy Mayor of Kyiv and a delegation from Kyoto.


During a meeting with Kyiv's First Deputy Mayor Mykola Povoroznyk, Mayor Svoboda expressed his ongoing support for the more than 120,000 refugees from Ukraine who remain in Prague. The meeting focused on the situation of refugees and the conflict in Ukraine, with Mayor Svoboda offering medical supplies worth more than CZK 15 million as a gift to Kyiv.

Prague's main focus now is on integrating Ukrainian refugees into society and providing assistance in the health, social and cultural fields. The Centre for Follow-up Support for Refugees from Ukraine (CNPUU), which remains under the city administration, serves this purpose.

Meanwhile, a four-member delegation from Kyoto, Japan - Prague's sister city since 1996 - visited the Czech capital. The delegation was welcomed by Mayor Svoboda, who emphasized the strong connections between the two cities, despite being thousands of kilometers apart. He cited the long and rich histories of both cities, as well as their mutual interests in areas such as the circular economy, energy savings, and water management.

Prague's relationship with Japan has been strengthened by recent visits abroad and the efforts of Councillor Daniel Mazur and committee chairs David Procházka and Jaromír Beránek. Thanks to this active relationship, a delegation from the Japanese twin city of Kyoto was welcomed to Prague as part of the International Urban and Regional Cooperation (IURC) programme. During their visit, the delegation showed particular interest in Prague's Climate Plan 2030, which was presented to them by Deputy Minister Jana Komrsková and Štěpán Kyjovský, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Collaboration with cities from around the world is a top priority for Prague, and these exchanges with Kyoto serve as an example of the benefits of bilateral cooperation. Through these interactions, cities can share knowledge and expertise, and work together to tackle common challenges and pursue common goals. As Prague continues to strengthen its relationships with other cities, it will be better equipped to address the complex issues facing urban areas in the 21st century.

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