Prague in the world

The City of Prague has always played a pivotal role within the Central European region due to its historical, geographical, political, cultural, social, infrastructural, commercial and economic status. Of course, after joining democratic Europe (1989), NATO (1999) and the EU (2004), its position on the international political scene strengthened. Prague has long been one of the most dynamic and successful regions in Central Europe and one of the richest regions in the European Union (NUTS II).

Connecting with the world via network of partner cities

Prague currently has 20 partner cities and regions all over the world and continues to foster international relationships. The purpose of these agreements is to build strong partnerships, foster international cooperation and exchange ideas by promoting cross-cultural arts and tourism, international business, global education and government exchange.

Prague is a proud member of international organizations

The membership of the City of Prague in international organizations strengthens relations with other foreign capitals, as well as cultural, political and economic cooperation and helps to promote the city abroad. The City of Prague is a full member of the organizations listed below.

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