Z pokoje do pokoje meets Europe

Z pokoje do pokoje is a rescue station for old furniture. As part of the Prague meets Europe event, Z pokoje do pokoje will be open on Saturday and Sunday (25-26 June), always from 12-5 PM. On both days, people can visit the workshop, as well as the showroom, where upcycled furniture can be viewed or purchased. In addition, during Friday's programme at Mariánské náměstí, the furniture will be on display directly on the podium, which will become the centre of debates and the symbolic passing of the EU Presidency.


Basic information

The main goal of the Z pokoje do pokoje project is to ensure that good furniture that is still repairable does not end up in salvage yards, but instead goes back into households. That's why furniture is regularly brought in from all over Prague, repaired and then sent to the shop in Florence. The title Z pokoje do pokoje (translated as From room to room) refers to this process, where things travel from place to place and from the workshop back to the home. In addition, the workshop offers a series of classes to teach the public the skills of renovation. Through their activity, they would like to preserve the quality of the original items (furniture), inspire responsible consumer behaviour and thinking, and show that old furniture also belongs in contemporary interiors and that it has many advantages (quality, durability of materials, price, smaller carbon footprint, aesthetics) compared to modern ones.


During the programme at Mariánské náměstí on Friday, June 24, you will be able to see the furniture of the Z pokoje do pokoje project directly on the podium, where the Mayor of Prague will take the baton of the Presidency of the Council of the EU.


The programme in Z pokoje do pokoje is organised with the support of the Prague Innovation Institute (Pii). This public benefit organisation focuses on supporting the development of education, the city, business and the environment. It also wants to become a link between the business world and the public and academic spheres.

Our Venue


Z pokoje do pokoje, Za Poříčskou bránou 284, Prague 8-Karlín


25.06 11:00-26.06.2022 16:00