RockOpera Europe 2022

RockOpera Europe 2022 is a festival of original rock operas, music, film, exhibitions and other accompanying events documenting the cooperation of artists at the European level and at the same time a celebration of the Czech Presidency of the EU.

RockOpera Europe 2022

Basic information

RockOpera Prague is a cultural center that attracts artists from various artistic disciplines from all over Europe and the world. Rock operas, which come out of this cultural workshop, demonstrate the cooperation of artists of various nationalities, especially from EU countries. The 15 partial events dedicated to this festival from June to December 2022 will consist of 14 rock operas performed at the Rock Opera Prague, the last of which will be in the form of a concert premiere. Each of these evenings will be accompanied by a free program which will feature artists collaborating with RockOpera Prague with their own projects and bands.

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The opening evening will be dedicated mainly to Ukraine and France and will be a celebration of the handover of the presidency to the Czech Republic from France. The aim of the event is to celebrate the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU by raising the profile of RockOpera Prague's cooperation with European partners, celebrating the European Union and expressing solidarity and support in the international situation in Ukraine.

Our Venue


RockOpera Praha, Komunardů 306/1, Prague 7-Holešovice


30.06. - 31.12.2022