Prague meets Vienna

Join us for the Prague Meets Vienna Festival, a three-day celebration of intercity cooperation, taking place on 8-10 June! We invite you to explore Vienna's culture and contemporary art scene while learning about the importance of international cooperation.


Basic information

Whether you're interested in arts, music, sustainability or urbanism, you'll find plenty of events to keep you engaged and entertained. With a diverse range of events including concerts, short film screenings, discussions, and expert workshops, there will be something for everyone. Join us for cultural program, practical workshops and public debates featuring experts from both cities. This festival is the perfect opportunity to discover new perspectives, make new connections, and experience the best of Vienna and Prague.

Prague and Vienna share a long and varied history and therefore close cultural, social and political ties that have been developing for more than a millennium. They are major European capitals and both cities play a key role in regional politics and economy. They work together to address common challenges and exchange experience and knowledge in the fields of municipal management, education, culture and science. Tourism is also an essential topic as both cities are popular destinations for visitors who want to enjoy the best of each place.

Prague meets Vienna is an example of how two cities rich in history and culture work together to achieve common goals. Come with us to create a better future!

Our Venue

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

CAMP - Centre for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, Vyšehradská 51, 128 00 Prague 2


Prague, Czech Republic


08.06 17:00-10.06.2023 18:00




Bernhard Steger

Architect and Urban Planner


Thomas Kreitmayer

Project Manager


Volkmar Pamer

Architect and Urban Planner for the City of Vienna

Jiří Jaroš.jpg

Jiří Jaroš

Moderator at the urban workshop

Marketa Richter (kopie).jpg

Markéta Richter



Roland Schwarz

Author and teacher


Erich Vodňanský

Farmer and lecturer

Michael Paul_Foto c Christoph Liebentritt2.jpg

Michael Paul

Singer and songwriter


Jan Blažek

Documentarian Post Bellum


Barča Baxant

Singer, Performer and Actor


Alexandra Udženija

vice mayor for social affairs, housing and health care


Max Wittkowski

City climatologist of the City of Vienna

Thursday, June 8

19:00:00- 19:45:00

Official welcome

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Opening ceremony with an official welcome by from representatives of Prague and Vienna and the Austrian Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

19:15:00- 19:45:00

Concert: Sedláček Quartet (W. A. Mozart)

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Classical music concert opening of Sedláček Quartet

Mozart‘s String Quartet No. 12 in B-flat major „The Hunt“ Part of Dvořák‘s String Quartet No. 12 in Fmajor „American“

Friday, June 9

09:30:00- 12:00:00

Workshop: immigration and integration in Vienna

WH Digital GmbH, Karmelitská 373/25, 118 00 Prague 1

An expert workshop on immigration and integration focusing on the following areas:

  • Systematic cooperation of the City of Vienna with migrants (including refugees) and their organizations in the development, implementation and monitoring of integration and other policies of the City of Vienna - development, good practice and current status.
  • Working with youth in Vienna (in general and in the context of working specifically with refugees): how to promote their education, social participation and meaningful use of leisure time?
  • The system of cooperation and coordination of institutional actors within the municipality in the context of working with migrants - cooperation and coordination at the political and official level within the City of Vienna, cooperation and coordination with the city districts.

By invitation only: if you'd like to attend this session, please contact us at

10:00:00- 17:30:00

Workshop: Liveable Vienna

Hall of Architects, The Old Town Hall, 4. floor, Old Town Square 1

An expert workshop for the Prague Development Company, focused on current topics of urban planning and development, social housing and sustainable architecture.

  • Bernhard Steger: is head of the Department for Urban District Planning and Land Use in Vienna, since summer 2012 he is advisor to the Deputy Mayor for Urban Development, Transport, Climate Protection, Energy Planning and Citizen Participation. Vienna has been voted the "most liveable city" in the world several times, and as head of the Department for Urban District Planning and Land Use, Bernhard Steger is proud that his department's work has helped lay the foundations for this development. Bernhard considers it a privilege to actively contribute to the development of a green, social and innovative city.
  • Thomas Kreitmayer, MSc.: studied renewable urban energy systems at the Technikum Wien University of Applied Sciences and worked for the energy company EVN, where he was primarily responsible for the planning and design of decentralised biomass local heating networks. Since February 2013 he has been working for the City of Vienna, where he now coordinates the Get Off the Gas programme. This programme deals with the conversion of heat supply for existing buildings in Vienna to sustainable and circular technologies in line with the goal of making Vienna a CO2-neutral city by 2040. Max Wittkowski, the city's ecologist, joins via video conference to talk about the measures Vienna is taking to address current climate challenges such as urban overheating. Petr Hlaváček, deputy mayor, will talk about the challenges that the capital city of Prague is currently facing from an urban point of view the deputy mayor, Mrs. Alaxandra Udženije, will speak for her entrusted housing area Petr Urbánek, director of the Prague Development Company, will present the upcoming Nové Dvory quarter

By invitation only: if you'd like to attend this session, please contact us at

10:30:00- 12:00:00

Public lecture: Mit Moby Dick aufs Containerschiff (Roland Schwarz)

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Roland Schwarz: Mit Moby Dick aufs Containerschiff

Chat with the author and the main character of the story, followed by a concert of students from the Austrian School in Prague

13:00:00- 14:30:00

Movie screening: The Farmer and the Hipster (Farmář a hipster)

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

The meeting of two different worlds, urban and rural, against the backdrop of the breathtaking nature of the Austrian Alps is an exceptional example of dialogue between those who know almost nothing about each other, even though they live not far from each other.

14:30:00- 15:30:00

Public lecture: Biodiversity in cities (Erich Vodňanský)

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Interview with Erich Vodňanský on the topic of biodiversity in Prague

17:00:00- 18:00:00

Concert: Michael Paul

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

"You are the main character in your life, Michael Paul brings the soundtrack." The 23 year - old music student has been making music all his life, fuelled by a burning desire to enjoy and create music. After releasing an instrumental guitar album titled "A Journey of the Classical Guitar" in 2020, he followed up with his first Pop-Rock single "Somewhere in Neverland", setting the stage for a nostalgic-reminiscing and guitar-driven atmosphere in his music.

The following years were spent playing gigs in Austria, mainly Vienna ranging from solo gigs to street music shows. At the beginning of 2022 the Michael Paul Band was formed, a fusion of young, like-minded musicians creating a feel-good Indie-Pop sound with relatable lyrics and infectious melodies. The band went on to playing full band concerts at venues like the famous Ottakringer Beer Brewery and the Viennese Culture Summer.

On June 16th, one week after the Prague-Meets-Vienna Festival, his next song will be released including a cinematic music video. "Golden Shot", a soft, acoustic folk track along the likes of Bon Iver is a song about not being good enough and the pressure of surviving in a demanding world. The song will also be previewed at the Festival one week before the release!

18:00:00- 20:00:00

Movie screening: Kurzfilmschau

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Silent Cinema – Kurzfilmschau: a series of short films by young Austrian filmmakers

The Austrian Short Film Festival is a collaboration between the Austrian Film Academy and the Austrian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (BMEIA). Each year, the festival includes Austrian short films that are nominated for the Austrian Film Awards in the category "Best Short Film" thanks to their awards and success at festivals. Together with BMEIA, the films are screened on a worldwide tour for one year.

19:00:00- 21:00:00

Lecture: How to make a city (Volkmar Pamer)

CAMP - Centre for architecture and metropolitan planning, Vyšehradská 51, 128 00 Prague 2

Transformation of an abandoned, dilapidated industrial area into a vibrant, urban neighborhood on Vienna’s south side: this is the story of Atzgersdorf. The development of the site has been ongoing for more than 20 years and includes a wide range of projects; for instance, a former coffin factory has been turned into a cultural center, and a supermarket has been built with a school on its roof. But Atzgersdorf hides far more interesting things. Its story is ready to become an inspiration for similar brownfields in Prague, specifically the Bubny-Zatory area or the Žižkov Freight Station.

Volkmar Pamer, architect, urban planner, author of the book “Atzgersdorf - A Metamorphosis,” and the man behind the project, will be in Prague to present Atzgersdorf’s story. In his lecture, he will describe how the district was transformed while preserving the local genius loci.

The event will be held in English. More information on

Saturday, June 10

10:00:00- 12:00:00

Where is our home? Stories of Czech (e)migrants not just to Vienna

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

```Students presentations of the "Memory of nations" grammar school and presentation of a Post Bellumg representative about the activities and presentation of one of the Memory stories directly connected with Vienna. 
Your are welcome to join a debate afterwards, 
14:00:00- 16:00:00

Theatre: Liedfabrik

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Theatrical performance of the play „Liedfabrik“ by theatre ensemble Das Thema

17:00:00- 18:30:00

Concert: Barča Baxant

Mariánské náměstí (Virgin Mary Square), 110 00 Prague 1

Acoustic concert and interview with Barča Baxant, melancholic musical adaptation of poems by Christine Nöstlinger in vienesse dialect and self-written love song

Barča Baxant is a singer, performer and actress. She has been performing, writing her own compositions since the age of sixteen and has released albums with The Boy Colin, Princess Him, Electric Indigo & Mia Zabelka, Christian Eigner, Silicone Pumpgun, The Bandaloop and Amadinda Soundsystem. In her younger years, she worked in London and Berlin on various musical projects, toured at home and abroad, and participated in the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest with The Bandaloop and created a performance with them for the dance festival ImPuls. In 2019 she graduated from the diverCITYLAB Academy and since then she has played small roles in major film and TV productions (Antares, Monte Verità, Family Affair); medium-sized roles in renowned off-stage venues such as Volx/Margareten, Werk X Theatre and Kosmos. Her artistic career is complemented by performances, costume design work, musical consultancy for films or musical direction of a youth home project.