Participation in the 59th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale

The exhibition project of the Czech artist, designer and pedagogue Rony Plesl "Trees grow from the sky" was created for the 59th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale. In the church of Santa Maria della Visitazione, a site-specific installation will be created, which addresses the questions of the essence of human existence, touches on the relationship between man and nature and the search for our way in today's world.

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Basic information

The realization of the project will be the world premiere of the unique Vitrum Vivum glass melting technology in a global context and, at the same time, the only representation of Czech art in the official program of the upcoming Venice Biennale. The Vitrum Vivum technology, following the centuries-old tradition of the production of Czech crystal, enriches this heritage of handicraft techniques with revolutionary methods. It allows the creation of three-dimensional glass sculptures without any restrictions. The unique process consists of casting glass, similar to bronze casting, where the artist gains full artistic freedom over the creative process.

Our Venue


The 59th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale


22.04 23:00-27.11.2022