European Creative Industries Summit 2022

For the first time in the history of the event, the European Creative Industries Summit 2022 will take place in Prague. The international conference will take place at La Fabrica and the Prague Creative Centre, with the participation of professional leaders of the cultural and creative industries, stakeholders and representatives of sectoral organisations from the country and the entire European Union.


The main theme of the international conference is transformation. As the whole world is undergoing its green, social and digital transformation, the cultural and creative industries offer a way to navigate this transformation sustainably, ethically and with high economic added value.

European Creative Industries Summit 2022

Basic information

This year's #ECIS22 GREEN Conference stands for the re-imagination, re-focusing and re-framing of policies for the cultural creative sectors and industries (CCSI). The 2022 European Creative Industries Summit (#ECIS22) “GREEN” is a collaborative event of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) and Creative Prague. Find more information and register here.

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) is an annual conference that brings together creative professionals, sectorial organizations and policy makers to discuss the latest developments in the European creative industries and engage in conversations about future developments.

ECIS22 is organised by Creative Prague together with the City of Prague, ECB Network and under the auspices of the Czech EU Presidency.

Our Venue


Prague, Czech Republic


21.09. - 22.09.2022