Europe in which I want to live: PRAGUE IN 2050

The aim of the project is to reflect through dialogue with pupils and students on topics that are important for today's youth and at the same time key for the sustainable development of Prague, the place where they live and want to live in 2050.


Basic information

Young "artists" have the opportunity to express their ideas of what Prague could be like in 2050. What do they consider important to change and improve, how they perceive the positive development of Prague in the future, so that it continues to be not only an important social and cultural city, but also a city for the life of ordinary people. Through their artistic work, they can present their priorities and directions that the development of Prague should take from their point of view, in various areas of their lives. The art show will present their vision to the general public.

Our Venue


Prague, Czech Republic


30.06 23:00-31.12.2022