Europe Fighting Information Chaos

On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the EU, the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University is organizing the annual meeting of EDMO regional hubs in Prague, including an international conference. The Europe Against Information Chaos conference on the impact of information disruption on current European challenges will focus on digital and media literacy, the impact on society, the use of AI for security, and the impact of media and digital platforms.

Europe Fighting Information Chaos

Basic information

The unique Prague conference with the participation of international European experts from various social and technical sectors, together with representatives of European and Czech governmental, non-profit and academic institutions, is also organised sustainably and with the application of the principles of the circular economy. In this way, CEDMO not only wants to build on Prague's strategy in the field of sustainability but also meet its commitments in the field of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 9,16,17) and their connection with digitization.

Our Venue


Prague, Czech Republic


20.09. - 22.09.2022