Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2022: Civic Tech, Comms & Silos

The second year of the Festival for better public administration in the Czech Republic will focus on connecting public administration with information and communication technologies in the hands of civil society and the private sector (Civic Tech), developing the use of behavioral sciences and UX design in public sector (Comms) and seek treatment for a chronic disease of the state - resortism (Silos). This year, the newly acquired knowledge will be applied in specific cases on the basis of assignments from Czech public institutions, with Prague in the role of innovation leader. These applications will be beneficial for the City of Prague and its citizens in the long term and will help to involve public administration organizations in the ecosystem.

Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2022: Civic Tech, Comms & Silos

Basic information

The Czech Republic is taking over the presidency of the EU Council at a turning point. Europe urgently has to deal with several challenges. Climate change and the war in Ukraine have forced the European Union and individual member states to find solutions that would not have been possible until a few years ago. In this situation, we need a competent public administration even more than ever before. State and local government officials need the support and development of skills that will help us all succeed in the new world.

Our Venue


Prague, Czech Republic


07.11. - 09.11.2022