City of Prague New Branding Strategy

The existing strategy of Prague has focused (it must be said, very successfully) on positioning Prague as a tourist destination. However, if the city wants to maintain its competitiveness in the face of this ever-increasing competition between regions and cities, it is necessary to strengthen its reputation abroad and actively communicate its position as a great place to live, work, study and invest.


What do we want to achieve?

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Unify, manage and strengthen Prague's reputation abroad


Promote the city's competitiveness and develop Prague's knowledge potential


Build Prague's position as a good place to live, work, study and do business


Increase the appeal of the city and attract talent, companies or investment


Contribute to the efforts of other stakeholders in a more sophisticated and effective presentation of the city abroad

How are we going to do this?

Define Prague's uniqueness and brand positioning

The first step to building a successful branding strategy is to know who you are and what people think about you. We need to identify what makes Prague unique and which of its characteristics create an emotional bond with the city, not only in the eyes of its residents but also expat community and target groups abroad. Since cooperation between individual city stakeholders is absolutely essential for the success of the project, we are curious to find out what stakeholders from the public, private and academic spheres expect from Prague's brand.

Create a strong brand identity for Prague

When it comes to culture, creativity or gastronomy, Prague is a brand on a global scale. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and millions of visitors travel to see it every year. However, we see our city as so much more - Prague is an inspiring regional leader and a great place to live, offering an outstanding quality of life and many opportunities for career development and leisure. We see Prague as a place associated with talent, knowledge, creativity and innovation, and we want the world to know.

Involve local stakeholders

Our goal is to create a shared understanding of what Prague is and how it should be communicated. It is essential to map key partners who actively communicate abroad and assess their needs and expectations. By linking the public, private and academic sectors we will be able to create cross-sector communication, support Prague institutions, companies and startups in their presentation abroad and contribute to the efforts of other stakeholders in a more sophisticated and effective presentation of the city.

Project timeline

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Contact information

Lenka Kolarova Bernklauova (coordinator)