Key sectors

Prague is always looking for new and innovative ways to help businesses grow. Our city is home to several thriving industries. The economic development in Prague over recent years shows the strengthening of the service sector and a decline in production industries. The services industry in Prague now represents more than 75% of all employed people.

Key sectors

AI and Robotics

Prague is steadily becoming a global hub for AI research and development, with initiatives such as, the AI Center of the CVUT University and a wide range of startups. The same is true for virtual reality.

Aerospace Industry

Innovation and knowledge-sharing are at the core of this industry, with many high-class aerospace R&D centres and unique research groups located in Prague. The Czech Republic is an ESA member and home to the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) with headquarters located in Prague. ESA BIC Prague, the first space incubator in Central and Eastern Europe, was established in May 2016 to support innovative technology startups working with space technologies.

Biotech and Nanotechnologies

For many years, the Czech Republic has been one of the world's leaders in nanotechnology, especially in the applications of nanotechnologies in industry and consumer products, and Czech nanotechnology patents are gaining more and more fame in the world. Today, nanotechnologies can be found in all industries - for example, air and water filtration, cosmetics, antibacterial clothing or medical masks, or document protection against forgery.

Cultural and Creative Industries

Prague’s creative scene includes art, theatre, fashion, design, music, graphic design, urban planning and architecture. One of the most successful creative industries that put Prague as well as the Czech Republic in the international spotlight is game development. Czech-made games rival even the top competitors on the world market and Prague has many accredited study programmes for this skillset with internationally recognized degrees.

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Circular Economy